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    My husband and I were worried about having a retaining wall installed because of our friends’ previous experiences with contractors. We found Concrete Contractors Alexandria and decided to take a chance and it was the best leap of faith! Their prices are exactly as listed and there weren’t any weird hidden fees at the end, which was really great. Definitely recommend.

    Our Happy Clients

    Mary Futrell

    When I bought my parent's house, I didn't need anything replaced, I just needed a lot of repairs that I couldn’t seem to find one person who was able to do it all! I knew I didn’t want to work with a hundred different companies and have to organize a hundred different quotes so when Custom Masonry said they could do it all I was thrilled. They were quick and insanely affordable! I will definitely be a long-term client.

    Our Happy Clients

    John Bishop

    My husband wanted to start gardening as a hobby so for his birthday I paid for a retaining wall to be installed in our backyard. I didn’t know much about these walls or even gardening but Custom Masonry was extremely patient and explained the process and even brought me pictures so I could start building a picture of what my backyard was going to look like! It looks amazing now!

    Our Happy Clients

    Veronica Armstrong

    When we bought out home the driveway was already looking rustic but after just two years it really started being an issue! My wife insisted having it completely replaced but this team was able to save me money but updating the surface and adding pavers. We are really happy with the results and should have done this sooner.

    Our Happy Clients

    Amanda Beasley

    As a newlywed couple, we had no clue what we were doing when we decided to buy and renovate a new home. We thought we were going to have to work with multiple different companies to have different parts of our home redone. But this place was a one-stop-shop! They did our driveway, patio, and redid our basement! It really was a dream come true and we are completely in love with our home.

    Our Happy Clients

    Brandy Atkins

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    Pavers and Flagstone

    We offer design versatility, durability, and easy maintenance with out paver and flagstone installation services

    Pavers & Flagstone
    Pavers & Flagstone

    We offer design versatility, durability, and easy maintenance with out paver and flagstone installation services.

    Patios And Walkways
    Patios & Walkways

    Custom Masonry Virginia is your premier choice of quality concrete contractor for installing, repairing, and replacing patios and walkways.

    Driveway Installation
    Driveway Installation

    Whether you need a new driveway or an update on your existing driveway, we have you covered at Custom Masonry Virginia.


    We provide custom hardscapes to meet all of your outdoor architecture dreams a reality. From design to complete installation, our friendly experts walk with you every step of the way.

    Concrete Flooring
    Concrete Flooring

    If indoor concrete flooring services is what you are looking for, we are the one and only call you need to make. We install, repair, and renovate all of your interior concrete flooring- from the garage to the basement.

    Retaining Walls
    Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls are a great way to visually and physically separate your landscape, and Custom Masonry Virginia is here to meet all of your retaining wall needs- from new build to maintenance and repair.


    We are your full service masonry contractors serving the Henderson and surrounding areas. We specialize in all aspects of brick, stone, and concrete ranging from small repairs to large scale new projects.

    Repairing Service
    Repairing Service

    No matter where you need repairs, Custom Masonry Virginia has you covered. We specialize in the smallest crack repair to large scale re-build projects. From concrete to brick to pavers and from inside your home to the backyard, our experts are here to serve you.

    Custom Masonry Virginia– Licensed, Friendly Experts!

    Call us today for a free estimate on any custom repair or new project that you may have from your driveway to your backyard and everything in between.

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    Who we service

    We offer many different concrete services to meet all and any needs you may have.


    Residential Masonry

    We have you covered for all of you custom residential masonry needs. From driveway service to interior fireplace or from retaining walls to basement floors, we have all of your residential masonry needs covered.

    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Porches
    • Basements
    • Retaining walls
    • hardscapes

    Commercial Masonry

    Custom Masonry Virginia provides contract service for all of your custom commercial masonry needs. We strive to deliver excellent results to all of the clients that we serve. Through a focus in blending the highest quality products with expert installation professionals, we strive to raise the bar and exceed all expectations.

    • Preconstruction services
    • Full MAsonry Systems
    • Repair and Restoration
    • Licensed
    • Bonded
    • Insured
    • Strong Warranty

    If you are looking for masonry work call us right away and get the experts start making your dreams to reality. Call now or get In touch With us!

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    Why it is better

    Masonry Benefits

    Lasting Structure


    Masonry is solid and strong and will withstand weather hardships as well as other typical wear and tear on your structure.



    Because of the high durability, custom masonry is an affordable choice no matter what your project entails. Your custom masonry will last for many decades to come and repair and replacement needs will be minimal.

    Green Building

    Fire Resistance

    Masonry will not burn, therefore it protects your investment as well as the contents inside your building. Masonry can even be customized to create protective firewall barriers.

    Less Maintainnance

    Structural Integrity

    Masonry can be used with a wide variety of decorative and functional systems, and it has an excellent load bearing capacity for supporting roofs and additional flooring.

    Masonary Benifits
    Better Air Quality

    Lower Insurance Rates

    Because of the structural integrity and the high fire resistance, you will save money on your insurance rates. Insurance companies are happy to offer home and commercial insurance discounts.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Better Insulation

    Custom masonry insulates better than steel or wood walls. A more consistent interior temperature can be easily maintained thus reducing heating and cooling costs.


    Environmentally sound

    Custom masonry is earth friendly because we use environmentally safe materials that are meant to last. Sustainability is a big reason to choose custom masonry over other materials.

    Natural Material

    Natural Materials

    Masonry uses natural and sustainable resources as its main building materials


    Quality Expertise

    Reasons to choose us


    We bring decades of training and experience to your project with our quality contractors.

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed, and legally insured.

    Excellent Warranty Coverage
    Top Rated Warranty

    We personally guarantee all of our work and materials and our number one priority is your complete satisfaction. We offer a one year warranty on all stone duct base, concrete repairs and a five year warranty on any new installation on a concrete base and retaining walls.

    Top Rated Las Vegas Company
    Top Rated Company

    We are an award winning company with the highest quality people and materials.

    For The Most Reliable & Professional Work!

    As a team with more than 15 years of experience, we are proud to be in a position to offer property owners high-end materials for low-end prices.

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    Importance of Strong Foundation

    Concrete Patio & Walkways

    We work with builders and homeowners to customize your patio and walkway to meet your specific needs. We help from the design to installation of your project using a variety of materials.


    We use polymeric sand to solidify your pavers and other structures. Polymeric sand is a mixture of fine sand particles mixed with other additives and water to create a strong bond to lock the sand particles together to secure pavers into a durable, uniform surface.


    We use durable professional hardscape edging products made from construction grade materials to secure concrete or brick pavers into your patio or walkway.


    Our surface coatings create a durable response to moisture and form a barrier in the fabric of the wall.


    We use a washed, fine grain masonry sand that is quite attractive when used in construction, and is preferable to cement sand to create the base for your structure.


    A gravel rock base uses stone dust particles as a relatively thin layer directly under any stone we are using or structure we are building in order to give stability to the structure.


    Subbase soil is a layer that sits directly beneath the gravel rock base to support the load as well as to level the surface for installation.

    Need Help With Masonry Work!

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    Find Below Some Of Our

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Masonry?

    Masonry consists of building structures based on layering materials such a brick, concrete blocks, or stone and bonding the units together with cement mortar. Masonry can provide beautiful walls and floors at economical prices. Masonry is also very durable and easy to clean and maintain, making it a highly desirable building material. If you are looking for Masons in Georgia check out Masonry Sandy Springs

    Why is using brick and stone preferable to wood?

    Brick and stone are not susceptible to man of the enemies that wood may have such as termites, ants, carpenter bees, and woodpeckers. Brick and stone are nearly impervious to water damage making them a much better option than wood. Brick also has a higher value for your home. It is estimated that brick homes and structures are 6% higher in value overall than homes with wood or other siding. Brick and stone are also fireproof and easier to clean and maintain.