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A retaining wall is a structure that is typically no more than 3 feet in height but is constructed to withstand lateral pressure or to hold back the soil.

Although there are various types of retaining wall structures, they can be used to perform a variety of purposes. Architectural grading and retaining walls increase the functional living space of your outdoor living areas and can be used to create space for swimming pools, play areas for children, patios or entertaining spaces, or outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Every retaining wall should include the appropriate grading and soil reinforcement as well as drainage system.

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Types of Retaining Walls

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Pavers Solution
Gravity Retaining Wall

A gravity retaining wall is one that depends on its own self weight to resist lateral soil pressure. Gravity retaining walls can be constructed from concrete, stone, and masonry units and can be used to withstand large amounts of pressure.

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Retaining wall with stairs

For homeowners seeking additional outdoor living space, our retaining wall with stairs provides a functional and attractive solutions to uneven and sloped terrains.

Patios Solution
Mortared Stone Wall

A Mortared stone wall uses draining stone, a filter fabric, and a water drain through the base in order to retain the soil while also allowing water to drain appropriately to take care of any draining issues that may be occurring prior to or after the installation of the wall. This is the perfect solution for the homeowner who needs to solve grading issues to open up outdoor living space while also offering a low maintenance irrigation or drainage solution.

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We offer a variety of retaining wall materials and services to design a retaining wall to best meet your needs.

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Terrace the Backyard

Retaining walls can be used to level off a steep decline and make distinct areas for entertaining and game playing. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the retaining wall that is installed in your backyard will hold back soil in situations where elevation changes occur and will also be able to control erosion. If you’re wanting more of a garden feel with plants and vegetation, our retaining walls can be installed to help house your beautiful masterpieces as well! The limit does not exist when it comes to our designs in your backyard. Choose from different materials and designs to make the wall your own!

Gain a Patio Space

You may also choose to install a retaining wall to reconfigure your backyard. Cut into the slope behind your yard and line the ledge with a variety of retaining wall materials to create a patio space with a sitting wall or ledge. Adding a retention wall to your patio creates a 3D effect for the environment that adds value and beauty in a unique and breathtaking way. Our designs are 100% authentic and 100% made to fit your wants and needs. You can fill retaining areas with vibrant flowers leading to your patio space or add features like water fountains. Get creative with it and we’ll make it happen.

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Need help with Retaining Wall installation services?

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Hardscaping Solution
Transition to Sidewalk

Retaining walls can be installed to make a seamless transition from your sidewalk to your front door if you have a steep front yard. You can even create a flower filled buffer zone to give beauty to your landscape and ease of maintenance.

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Concrete Solution
Create a Driveway Border

You can use a retaining wall to create a border around your driveway, when you level out your driveway in a steep yard. The retaining wall can keep the draining from flowing into your driveway and can be used to keep a gravel driveway in place appropriately.

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Retaining Wall Plus Driveway

Many areas that we service can greatly benefit from a retaining wall to support their driveway. Sometimes it is best to replace the driveway and build a retaining wall at the same time. We offer the most affordable solutions for both.

Materials used for retaining walls

Poured Concrete

Lasting Structure

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

These lightweight flat blocks have a raw finish that first together without mortar and is perfect for soil retention.



Brick is a beautiful traditional look that is long lasting with appropriate drainage measures taken. With weep holes installed to relieve soil pressure, these beauties will stand the test of time.

Green Building


Timbers make an affordable option for your retaining wall. They require a crushed stone footing and a fully anchored support system, but they are one of the most affordable retaining wall options that can last for several decades.

Less Maintainnance

Adding Greenery

You may choose to add greenery to your retaining wall by carefully choosing plants and shrubs to place around the wall or even to have vines or flowers growing on or in the wall. This softens the hardscape and further integrates the retaining wall into your landscaping.


To enliven a plain cement retaining wall, add thin slices of brick or stone or even faux faces that mimic brick or stone. You get a traditional upgraded look without the material’s cost involved with full bricks or stones.

Better Air Quality


Give interlocking blocks a makeover by adding a warm reddish or golden hue. WAter based stains can be easily applied with a roller before you seal the surface of your retaining wall.

Reduce Building Cost

Natural Stone

Mortar free dry stacked stone makes a beautiful natural retaining wall, and they only require a crushed stone footing for support.



You can smooth away the bland grey concrete finish with a coat of cement based stucco for a pleasing finish.

Natural Material
concrete wall crack repair

Repair Services

Not only do we fully install new retaining walls, but we can repair, upgrade, or fully replace your existing retaining wall. You may have an outdated wall or one that is not fully meeting your needs, and we are here to help.

More Usable Property

A retaining wall can add structure and greatly increase your use of space on your property while also increasing your property value. The usefulness of a retaining wall will give a strong return on investment for your home value.

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If you are looking for Retaining Wall Installation services, look no further than Custom Masonry Virginia.

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What to look for in a quality contractor.

Here are some important things to consider when you begin shopping for a contractor to install your retaining wall.

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Check References

A retaining wall contractor should always be willing to offer at least 5-10 references for customers that they have provided services for in the past. It is up to you to check with other customers to verify satisfaction. They also will not mind showing you examples of their previous work.

Soil Stabilization

When you are shopping for a retaining wall contractor be sure to ask how they stabilize the soil. Unless the soil is fortified and stabilized, your retaining wall will fall to pieces when the soil becomes saturated. Rainfall should also be safely diverted through a drainage system built into the wall during installation.

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