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If you are tired of the same boring wood and metal mailboxes that everyone has in front of their homes, now is the perfect time to increase the curb appeal of your home with a custom mailbox!

Where typical mailboxes get the job done, they don’t look very good doing it. With weak materials like wood, you can have a tilted, ruined mailbox in no time. With our premium brick mailboxes, we can ensure that your mailbox can last you decades! Brick is strong, eco-friendly and can be configured in dozens of patterns, resulting in mesmerizing ways that will make it one of a kind. 

But just because a mailbox looks good doesn’t mean it can’t offer additional benefits besides its attractive aesthetic. Our masonry mailboxes offer benefits that no other materials can like it’s incredibly long lifespan. If you want to know how a masonry mailbox can benefit you, your home or your business, you can find everything you need to know down below!

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    Why Use A Masonry Mailbox?

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    Because bricks are a natural material and we only use eco-friendly mortars to install our bricks and stone, the carbon footprint of our custom mailboxes is incredibly small. But, bricks and stone are also one of the most recycled materials on the market today as when they become damaged are aged to the point of unusability, they can be crushed down to craft landscaping material or even be crushed to a fine powder to be used in the creation of concrete.


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    Where other materials like wood and metal can succumb to the forces of nature, our stone and brick mailboxes are sure to stand the test of time. Brick is extremely resistant to the adverse effects of rain, heavy winds, and even hail. Stone, however, takes it to the next level as it offers the same benefits but an incredibly long lifespan. For example, brick has been known to last 100 years where stone materials can last 200 years!


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    One of the biggest benefits of using a brick or stone mailbox is the wide selection of different patterns and designs that can be created from using natural materials. For example, there are patterns like arched tops, steeple tops and eyebrow arches that can be designed with a brick and stone. Where many don’t associate mailboxes with aesthetics, we can create a stunning work of art for your yard that can bring up the value of your home.


    Affordable, Reliable And Professionally Licensed

    Here at Custom Masonry Virginia, we hold strong to the belief that anyone can have masonry work in their home. To learn about pricing, give us a call today for a free quote!

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    Repointing Masonry

    Over time, the mortar that holds the bricks together will become fragile and begin to fall apart, even though the bricks may be in perfect condition. But just because the exterior mortar begins to crumble doesn’t mean that you have to replace the entire structure. Our team offers the services of tuckpointing and repointing. 

    Tuckpointing is for moderate cases where small sections or holes are missing in the joints, making repair simplistic and affordable on any budget. But if entire rows or massive holes form in the mortar, repointing is a must as the entire joint system will have to scribed out to replace the entire exterior mortar with new material, making the process takes longer and cost more.

    Maintaining Brick Mailboxes

    Thanks to the brick and stone we use being natural materials over manufactured materials, you will experience a simplistic and fast maintenance protocol. First, you will want to start by soaking down your brick or stone from bottom to top to reduce the chance of water over saturating the mortar. After the surface is completely wet, use a dedicated brick or stone cleaner to remove any stains or build-up affecting the surface.

    Once the detergent has been applied and stains have been brushed out, use a low output water system like a garden hose to wash off the materials. After the brick or stone has dried, apply a sealer to the surface to keep it clean for longer periods; don’t worry, we can seal it for you!

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    Need Help With Your Custom Mailbox?

    Give our team at Custom Masonry Virginia a call today so we can go over all of your options and provide you with a free, no-hassle quote!

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    A crucial element to using brick or stone for your outdoor masonry mailbox is the simple fact that they can stand the test of time with little to no problems at all! It is a proven fact that brick; when installed professionally, can last around 100 years and stone surfaces have been known to last up to 200 years with proper maintenance.


    Fire Resistance

    Brick is one of the few building materials that are resistant to damage from fire and its because to be made, clay must be fired in a kiln that can reach temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees! This gives the brick natural protection against fire and when disaster can strike at any moment, it’s nice to have reassurance.


    Reduced Maintenance

    Where wood or metal mailboxes will need hundreds of dollars in maintenance to keep in decent condition for a decade or two, our brick and stone mailboxes offer simplistic maintenance that the standard homeowner can perform. With a simple rinse, cleaner and sealer placed, you can expect your masonry mailbox to look brand new for decades to come.


    Endless Possibilities

    Common Mailbox Designs

    Arched Tops

    A fully circular bond pattern that resembles a perfect half-circle.

    Eyebrow Arch

    An arch that isn’t fully circular, more like, as the name implies, an eyebrow!

    Steeple Top

    Saw cuts are used to create a bond pattern resulting in the bricks resembling the gable of a home.

    Custom Designs

    Our team will work with you to design the perfect mailbox with multiple bond patterns.

    Projecting Courses

    Protruding courses or sections added to the top or bottom to offer more depth or interest.

    Better Air Quality

    Planter Boxes

    Mailboxes that have planters for shrubbery or flowers on one or both sides.

    Quoin Corners

    A pattern that causes some layers to indent or protrude, matching the shape of your home.

    Double Stacked

    Double stacked mailboxes are perfect for homes that double as businesses.

    Commercial Mailboxes

    We know that not only homes need mailboxes to stand out so that is why we offer the ability to our commercial neighbors to have a brick or stone mailbox installed on their business front. We can shape the mailbox any size you like and to have as many compartments as you require, even doors large enough to fit moderately sized packages!

    Commercial masonry mailboxes are the perfect option when having lockboxes or boring metal stands out front of your company are not an option, turning a problem into a decorative and functional piece of art for your business, increasing curb appeal and resale value if you look to expand outwards!

    You Can Rely On Us!

    We know that it can be hard to find a masonry company you can count on in this day and age. With so many weekend warriors thinking they have decades of experience with their backyard project, you can be wary about who you hire. But here at Custom Masonry Virginia, we are proud to bring decorative, functional and long-lasting masonry to all of our neighbors.

    Our team has 18 years of experience and we don’t plan on stopping there! We only use the highest grade materials and mortars for all of our work and to give you extra peace of mind, we offer a strong warranty on all of our work and are licensed, bonded and insured.

    If you are thinking about adding a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, or you need fireplace repair, call the experts at Custom Masonry Virginia

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