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From installing subflooring for your home to creating stoops, steps, and driveways, our team has all of your concrete needs under control!

From adding usable space to your backyard with a patio to increasing the value of your home with a new driveway, our team can work with you to get you back on track with fresh concrete! With over 18 years of experience and access to professional-grade materials, we can work with you to craft the home of your dreams!

One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners are choosing concrete is its flexibility for the future as it can be left bare but be coated with a protective or decorative coating in the future. Want to know all about our concrete flooring services? You can find everything you need to know down below!

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    Custom Masonry Virginia

    Our Concrete Flooring Services

    Pavers Solution

    If you are looking to add valuable entertainment space or create an area that you can sit back and relax after a long day, a patio is the best way to do so. 

    Our team can create custom patio designs by pouring fresh concrete that can take any shape or form you desire. A new patio can even increase the value of your home.



    Walkways like sidewalks serve as the main entranceway to the areas they serve like your front door or the stoop of your business. As we all know, dirt or gravel walkways just don’t provide an attractive appearance. 

    A concrete walkway, on the other hand, provides a professional appearance and can also help keep your home or business cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt or dust tracked in on the bottom of shoes.


    Patios Solution

    When you are creating a foundation that has to endure heavy foot traffic, like stairs, you will want to use a material that can stand up to the test of time in even the busiest areas. 

    No other building material can withstand wear and tear like concrete and that makes it the perfect material to use on stairs. Concrete stairs can also serve as a strong base for additional coatings in the future.


    If You Are Looking For Professional Concrete Work

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    Concrete Repairs

    While the benefits of concrete flooring seem to be endless, there is one glaring weakness that the durable material has. Cracks. Cracks can appear from the concrete from age, overuse or the changing of the seasons. Where cracks might have you wanting to replace your slab, we are here to save you time and money with our concrete repair services!

    We can repair cracks, weathering and minor structural damage to bring your slab back to life without the need for replacement. To give our clients extra peace of mind, we offer a one year warranty on all of our concrete repairs.

    Commercial Concrete Work

    Our company has the equipment, knowledge, and dedication to work with our commercial neighbors in Virginia so nobody is left out! We offer different variations of concrete work for commercial clients including large parking lots, subflooring and concrete foundations. After we install your concrete foundation, we also offer the service of masonry to beautify your new slab with materials like pavers, brick, and natural stone.

    We stand behind our work and that is why we offer a strong warranty on all of our new concrete foundations standing at 1 year. If you are looking for custom commercial work, give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

    Need Help With Concrete Flooring?

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    Hardscaping Solution
    Parking Lots

    Business owners have been using concrete parking lots for decades for the key benefits that they bring to any parking area. For example, concrete parking lots may include integral curbs and gutters, eliminating the need for subcontracting. 

    Concrete is also a safe material due to its brighter light reflectivity that won’t only lower infrastructure and lighting costs, but provide a safer environment by boosting visibility for pedestrians and vehicles alike.


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    Concrete Solution

    When it comes to driveways, one material comes to mind and that’s concrete but it’s for good reason. Concrete is a competitively priced material to install, an affordable maintenance protocol and offers a service life of well over 20 years. 

    In terms of durability, the only materials that come close to concrete are natural stone and steel meaning your driveway will be able to stand up to whatever life throws your way.


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    Sub Flooring

    Concrete is a very hard, structurally sound and often very smooth option when it comes to subflooring. Many home and business owners opt to use concrete as their subfloor material as floorings such as natural stone or tile can be laid directly over concrete.

    But in order to use a concrete subfloor for hardwood, an additional moisture barrier might have to be laid over the concrete to reduce the risk of over saturation from excess moisture from the ground.


    Why It’s Trusted

    The Benefits Of Using Concrete

    Lasting Structure


    The average concrete pour begins at 6 dollars a square foot depending on the design.


    Easy Maintenance

    When properly sealed, concrete can shrug off dirt and stains with a simple mopping and sweeping.

    Green Building


    When working with concrete, you will always have the ability to coat or lay another material over it.

    Less Maintainnance


    A properly installed concrete slab can last your home or business up to 50 years depending on usage.

    Design Flexibility

    When working with professional contractors, your concrete flooring can take any shape or form you can imagine!

    Better Air Quality


    Concrete has a high tolerance to physical damage, foot & vehicle traffic, and even the use of heavy equipment.

    Reduce Building Cost


    Creating new surfaces with concrete, like walkways, can warrant a 70-75% return of investment.



    With concretes natural texture, its surface is incredibly slip and skid resistant without additional additives.

    Natural Material
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    Consider Masonry

    After your concrete flooring has been installed, we know that the bland gray surface of the concrete slab can become boring over time. When the day comes where you get tired of the concretes plain surface, we can install masonry right over the top! As we have stated above, natural stone offers the same durability as concrete but with a more attractive finish! 

    We offer the ability to place pavers, brick and natural stone(like flagstone) right over the top of the concrete. A concrete foundation will provide a more durable finish as well with solid backing so stones won’t flex or falter under load. For more information on masonry, take a look at our home page!

    A Team You Can Count On

    When you are looking to have concrete flooring installed, you want to make sure you work with a contractor that knows what they are doing. An improperly installed concrete slab will crack, sink and become unusable in a matter of months. Here at Custom Masonry Virginia, we have the knowledge, tools and professional equipment to get the job done right. 

    If you choose us as your concrete contractor, you will notice that we still do business the old fashioned way. We strive every day to provide quality and long-lasting finishes that our clients can brag about for years to come. If you want to see the Custom Masonry Virginia difference in action, give us a call today!

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    For A Contractor You Can Trust

    Don’t leave your project in the hands of just any contractor! Give the pros at Custom Masonry Virginia a call today to work with real professionals.

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    Learn More About

    Brick Paving Techniques

    Asymmetrical shapes

    Asymmetrical shapes and random laying patterns

    An alternative to more traditional laying patterns, is multi shaped cobblestone style pavers laid in a pattern to emulate a more random look. Asymmetrically shaped patterns provide a more natural look to create the illusion of multiple shapes laid in a random pattern.

    Paver Borders

    Paver border selection can add an entirely new element of design to your pavers’ laying pattern. Options range from using the same shape paver in a contrasting color or using the same paver laid in a different direction to create the border contrast. Even the borders themselves can be laid in a wide variety of patterns to truly create a one-of-a-kind design.