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Using pavers as flooring or a walkway is a simple, attractive addition to your home. Pavers can easily be placed on a dry sand bed to create an aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor living environment. Since they are dry laid, the advantage is that you can easily adjust them if they are laid inappropriately or if you need to adjust them for future needs.

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Sand Set Pavers
Pavers Solution
Sand Set Pavers

This method sets the pavers onto a sand surface that is laid and leveled prior to paver installation. When the pavers are set in the desired pattern, another layer of sand is laid lightly on top of the pavers to fill into the gaps between the pavers. The pavers settle into place and are easily maintained.


Bitumen Set Pavers
Bitumen Set Pavers

Bitumen set pavers require a concrete base set underneath the bitumen layer. Once the concrete is placed, a layer of bitumen is poured over the concrete and acts as an adhesive layer for when the pavers are laid on top. Once the pavers are in place, a layer of sand is set on top just as with the sand set pavers to fill in the gaps between the pavers and to keep them from shifting.


Patios Solution
Mortar Set Pavers

A more permanent option is to set the pavers with mortar. This method is typically more expensive and labor intensive, but they require very little future maintenance and will last for decades.


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Residential Paver Installation

Add value to your home and increase your usage of your home with installed pavers. Whether it is a new driveway, pathway, pool deck, or patio, our paver installation can give your home the boost you have been searching for.

Commercial Paver Installation

Get all of the potential out of your business space with pavers. Pavers make beautiful parking lots and driveways for your commercial business, and we have all of the installation needs covered for you.

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Look no further than Concrete Masonry Virginia. We have all of your paver installation services covered.

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Pedestrian Pavers
Hardscaping Solution
Pedestrian Pavers

Pavers are perfect for pedestrian areas and they can be used to create walkways, patios, or driveways. These can add value to your home by integrating the indoors with the outdoors.


Light/ Heavy Traffic Pavers
Concrete Solution
Light/ Heavy Traffic Pavers

Our installation methods have all of your needs covered- from light traffic to heavy traffic and everything in between. Give us a call to find out how we can best serve your paver needs today.


Semi-Exposed Pavers
Exposed/ Semi-Exposed Pavers

Whether you are trying to give your entryway a facelift or you want to add a walking area to your yard, exposed or semi-exposed pavers may be able to meet all of your needs.


Why should you choose


Lasting Structure


Pavers are one of the most durable surfaces for all of your outdoor flooring needs. Not only can they withstand heavy traffic, but they are also resistant to most cracks and staining because of how they settle into the surface on which they are laid.


Easy to Replace

When you are ready to move on from pavers for a new flooring surface, pavers are extremely easy to replace because they are not set in place with strong adhesive.

Green Building

Easy to Repair

When one or two pavers do become damaged, the good news is that single pavers can be replaced to maintain continuity. This saves time and money for replacement costs.

Less Maintainnance

Color options

There are many color options for pavers. You may choose natural stone, concrete, or brick pavers in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Pattern options

Your pavers can be set in a nearly endless array of patterns to give your project a unique design. You may choose a brick pattern, a running board, or even a herringbone pattern.

Better Air Quality

Quick Installation

Pavers can be installed quickly so that your project is complete and disruption to your home and life are minimal.

Reduce Building Cost

No staining

Although pavers can be made of porous materials they do not typically lend themselves to staining, and they can be sealed to further prevent damages caused by staining.


Can be installed anywhere

Pavers can be used for patios, walkways, driveways, and even pool decks. They can even be installed in your living room. Yes. Pavers are appropriate for indoor applications as well as outdoor uses.

Natural Material

Traditional Shapes and Patterns

For those who prefer a standard tried and true application, you can choose a traditional rectangular shaped paver such as brick or cobblestone set in a traditional pattern. You cannot go wrong with the traditional patterns of running bond, herringbone, or basketweave. Running bond is your standard brick application, where pavers are laid in rows all running in one direction. A herringbone pattern is where traditional pavers are laid in a zig-zag pattern to give just a bit more modern flare. A basketweave pattern creates further dimension by placing the pavers in a block design that can use a variety of colors for a contemporary design.

Modular Shapes and Patterns

Modular shaped pavers offer a wider variety of designs that can be particularly useful for larger areas where pavers will be used. These patterns are less repetitive and therefore more visually interesting to create a more contemporary look.


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Learn More About

Brick Paving Techniques

Asymmetrical shapes

Asymmetrical shapes and random laying patterns

An alternative to more traditional laying patterns, is multi shaped cobblestone style pavers laid in a pattern to emulate a more random look. Asymmetrically shaped patterns provide a more natural look to create the illusion of multiple shapes laid in a random pattern.

Paver Borders

Paver border selection can add an entirely new element of design to your pavers’ laying pattern. Options range from using the same shape paver in a contrasting color or using the same paver laid in a different direction to create the border contrast. Even the borders themselves can be laid in a wide variety of patterns to truly create a one-of-a-kind design.