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Adding a new fireplace or chimney is a big decision. We are here to partner with you every step of the way to install a new fireplace or chimney that will best meet the design and style of your home. From the level of heating that you need to the type of fuel that is right for you, our masonry experts are here to ensure that you get the fireplace and chimney of your dreams well within your budget.

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    Chimney and Fireplace installation
    Chimney and Fireplace installation

    We know chimneys from top to bottom. We install brand new chimneys, fire appliances, and chimney systems from start to finish. Home heating and new chimney design is our passion, and we love bringing the beauty and warmth of a new fireplace and chimney to your home.

    Fuel Types
    Fuel Types

    Choosing your fuel type often dictates the design of your new chimney and fireplace. Whether you choose wood burning or gas logs can determine the design of your home fireplace.

    Various fireplace appliance installation

    There are a variety of different fireplace appliances to choose from once you have determined your fuel source and overall fireplace and chimney design. You may want to add a warm wood stove as a focal point in your home, a wood burning insert in your existing fireplace, or convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas fueled fireplace.

    We are the premier licensed experts in the field

    We offer many different chimney and fireplace to meet all of the needs you may have from design to installation to repair.

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    Chimney Sweep and Inspection

    Our technicians recommend a full chimney sweep that utilizes video technology before performing any service on your chimney or fireplace. This will ensure the safety of the process for you and your family.

    Chimney Crickets or Saddles

    A chimney cricket is a water prevention tool that is a necessity on the outer portion of your chimney. Water seems to pool that the edge of most chimneys, and the chimney cricket keeps this water from seeping into your home through the roofline


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    Wood Burning Fireplaces
    Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Narrowing down what type of fuel you want to use for your fireplace helps to determine details about your chimney. The first option is wood. It is affordable, sustainable, and easy to find. But, wood burning fireplaces do come with some extra work for the homeowner. You either have to cut or purchase wood, build your fires, and clean the ash from the afterburn.

    Gas Burning Fireplaces
    Gas Burning Fireplaces

    The benefits of gas burning fire logs is that they are easy for the homeowner. Gas logs are convenient and quick and they appeal greatly to families that have demanding schedules. You can have a warm cozy fire at the flip of a switch.

    Wood Stoves

    Wood stoves provide a rustic homey feel that can be great at warming particular zones in your home as well as provide a beautiful focal point in the room.

    Benefits of having a Fireplace or

    Chimney installed

    Cozy Fire

    Cozy fires

    The cozy warmth of a real fire is unmatched. Watching a flame dance on a cool winter evening offers a warm and relaxing area for reading in solitude or a gathering place for friends and family.

    Romantic Setting

    Romantic Setting

    Snuggling in front of a warm fire with a glass of wine and the one you love is a lovely road to romance in your home. It is perfect for parents of young children to be able to reconnect at the end of a busy day after the little ones have gone to bed.

    Energy Independence

    Energy Independence

    You can sever your dependence on energy companies by using your own renewable energy source and heating your home with your fireplace.


    Open Fire Cooking

    With a wood burning stove, you have the added benefit of being able to cook in your fireplace. Save money on your utility bills while your coffee heats on the stove at the same time it is warming your home.

    Eco-Friendly Heating

    Many wood burning fireplaces today are highly effecient and produce plenty of heat to warm your home. When you burn wood, you use a source of heat that has zero carbon footprint. Wood is a sustainable energy source.

    Eco Friendly

    Cut Energy Costs

    As you use your new fireplace for your primary heating source, you will save money on your utility bills. It costs less to purchase wood for your wood burning fireplace than it does to pay for energy costs to heat your home.

    Energy Cost


    When a strong winter storm hits or the electricity is out for any reason, a warm fire is a great way to keep your family warm.


    Design Focal Point

    Fireplaces can set the tone for your room whether it is your main living space, your kitchen, your bedroom, or any other space. The beautiful design of your fireplace can be a true work of art in your home.

    Design Focal Point

    Chimney Repair Service

    Chimney damage can be a drag. Your chimney plays a major role in your home, both functionally and aesthetically. When issues arise it is important to address them quickly and affordably. Custom Masonry Virginia is ready to meet all of your chimney repair needs. We are dedicated to making your chimney look and perform like new again at a price that fits your budget.

    Chimney Restoration Service

    Whether your home is new and your chimney needs a simple repair, or you own an older home that requires chimney restoration services, we have you covered. We can reline your chimney with a stainless steel liner, which is highly durable, safe, and effective.

    If you are looking for chimney installation, repair, or restoration, look no further than Custom Masonry Virginia. Give our experts a call today.

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    We also install Outdoor

    Kitchens, Fireplaces, and chimneys


    Design and Install outdoor fireplace

    Think about everything you may want out of an outdoor fireplace and chimney. Sure it is fun to throw a couple of steaks on the barbeque, but you can take your outdoor cooking skills to an entirely new level with an outdoor fireplace and chimney. There are so many options when it comes to building outdoor fireplaces. Whether your main goal is to entertain guests around a cozy fire or to cook elaborate meals, Custom Masonry Virginia is the only call you need to make to meet all of your design needs.

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    Let Custom Masonry Virginia make your outdoor fireplace design dreams come true and turn it into your favorite place to be.