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Concrete and Paver Repair and Maintenance

Or perhaps you simply need to have your pavers resealed, or to perform some routine maintenance on your concrete. Custom Masonry Virginia has you covered.

Although concrete and pavers are both highly durable surfaces, sometimes life happens and wear and tear takes a toll. You may have found yourself in a position where you need to find a contractor to repair or replace your pavers or concrete.

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    Types of Concrete and Paver Repairs

    Less Maintainnance

    Cracks can be a big problem with concrete when there are not enough control joints installed. These cracks can appear as soon as two weeks after the concrete has been poured. Cracks are not only unsightly, but they also can allow water to seep into the pad which worsens the damage.

    Less Maintainnance
    Spalling or Pitting

    Spalling is the chipping or flaking that occurs when concrete is exposed to a severe freeze- thaw cycle or sometimes when concrete was mixed improperly. When the mixing process does not include the appropriate amount of air incorporation to allow for water expansion spalling is more likely to occur.

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    Less Maintainnance

    When voids or air pockets occur under the concrete pad, the concrete surface begins to settle into the void and causes cracking or breaking. Even a small amount of settling can lead to much larger issues if not addressed appropriately.

    We are licensed experts in repair and maintenance.

    There are many ways the concrete contractors will try to cheat you. Here are two of the most common:

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    Residential Concrete Contractors

    Concrete Skin Patching

    When a contractor wants to patch over areas that should be completely removed and replaced is one way that contractors will try to take advantage of you. They “repair” the concrete with a thin layer of overlay that will not withstand normal wear and tear and will fall apart within a couple of weeks. This patch lasts just long enough for the contractor to get paid and disappear.

    Improper crack fills

    Some contractors may perform concrete crack repair with products that do not prevent water from penetrating them, which causes larger issues down the road.

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    Need Repair or Maintenance on your concrete or pavers?

    We have all of your repair and maintenance needs covered.

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    Masonry Contractors
    Less Maintainnance

    Lifting is a consequence of the freeze- thaw cycle. It is also a result of tree root grown nearby that causes a large area of concrete to lift beneath the pad. Lifting must be addressed immediately in order to prevent further damage.

    Sealed Concrete
    Less Maintainnance
    Improper Sealing

    Often times a crooked contractor will water down the sealer that is used to get more coverage with less materials and increase their own profits. This scam makes you think that your concrete needs to be sealed more often, further lining the contractors pockets.

    Concrete Overlays
    Less Maintainnance
    Overuse of Concrete Overlays

    This may be one of the biggest problems to avoid in concrete repair services. Often a contractor, who focuses the majority of their work on concrete overlays, will convince you that an overlay will solve your repair needs, when your concrete needs a complete overhaul. Not only will they recommend an overlay, but they will do it with subpar practices, leaving you footing the bill for repair and maintenance down the road.

    Here are some of the reasons to

    Repair and Maintain your Concrete and Pavers

    Lasting Structure

    Save time

    By keeping your pavers and concrete maintained and in good repair, you save time now and in the future by not needing to fully replace your driveway, patio, or other surface.


    Save money

    Keeping your concrete and pavers well maintained saves you money on replacement costs now and in the future.

    Green Building

    Environmentally friendly

    Maintaining your concrete and pavers keeps material usage down and is more sustainable than a full replacement.

    Less Maintainnance

    Increase home value

    The interior and exterior flooring surfaces of your home can greatly affect your home value. Keeping them in good repair is one way to increase your overall home value.

    Increase curb appeal

    A clean and properly maintained driveway, walkway, patio, or entryway is an important part of your home’s curb appeal, and will not only give you a home that you can be proud to live in but also make your home more desirable to future homebuyers.

    Better Air Quality

    Last longer

    You can extend the life of your current concrete and pavers with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Weather resistance

    Your pavers and concrete may require maintenance to further extend weather proofing, particularly if you live in an extreme freeze-thaw cycle zone.


    Prevent future repair needs

    You may be able to prevent costly repairs down the road, but scheduling routine maintenance on your concrete and pavers.

    Natural Material

    Brick Re-pointing

    You may have noticed that the mortar between the joints of your brick or stonework seems to have receded or that it is simply not as stable as it once seemed to be. Flaking, crumbling, or large cracks in the mortar may be indications that you need to have your brick or stone repointed. Repointing should be done by a professional,and we are here to service all of your repointing needs to restore the integrity of your structure.

    Tuck Pointing

    When the mortar has deteriorated around your brick or stone structures, you may want to consider tuck pointing. Tuck pointing involves removing a portion of the deteriorated mortar, filling the joints with new mortar and a thin layer of putty to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the worn out mortar joints.

    Masonry Restoration

    If you are looking for any of the above mortar services or any other concrete, paver, or brick repair, call us today for a free estimate.

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    For friendly and reliable repair and maintenance, you can trust our professionals

    With combined decades of experience, our experts can meet all of your repair and maintenance needs.

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    Types of maintenance

    Routine maintenance can extend the life of your concrete and Pavers

    Concrete Pavers

    Paver Maintenance

    Typical routine maintenance simply involves removing dirt and leaves by sweeping and an occasional rinsing. Sometimes as pavers settle, it may become necessary to reposition the affected pavers. Overtime as erosion occurs with the subbase, pavers can be easily removed, to reinstall the subbase and reset the pavers. Sealing the pavers can also help to prevent future shifting and settling.

    Concrete Maintenance

    Concrete can be easily maintained to extend the life of the concrete and keep it looking like brand new. Keeping your concrete clean to remove dirt and debris is a great way to maintain your concrete on a regular basis. When stains do occur, it is also a good idea to clean them as quickly as possible to keep the staining from further seeping into the porous surface. Hiring a professional pressure washing company once a year is a great way to keep your concrete clean. Also, sealing your concrete surfaces is an important way to extend the life of your existing concrete. Sealers should be applied every three to five years to keep your concrete properly maintained.

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