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If you are looking to add a piece of artwork to your back yard or your business, look no further than Custom Masonry Virginia, we are here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to hold back your sloped landscaping with a retaining wall or if you are looking to install a brick/natural stone patio, our team has all the tools, materials and knowledge to make your dreams a reality at an affordable price. 

We are proud to be one of the premier hardscaping contractors in Virginia so we work day in and day out to provide all of our neighbors with the best quality structures and floorings on the market. If you are looking for hardscaping, you have come to the right place! Down below, you will find exactly what we can do for you!

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    Custom Masonry Virginia

    Our Custom Hardscaping Services

    masonry wall
    Pavers Solution
    Retaining Walls

    When you use a retaining wall to hold back the sloped landscape of your yard, you are creating a focal piece that is as functional as it is beautiful. With masonry or a concrete retaining wall, you could obtain some serious benefits.

    For example, a retaining wall can hold back flooding from watering the landscape, prevent erosion, and keep your landscape protected by making a visible barrier with your wall.


    masonry contractors
    Concrete Edging

    With concrete edging, you can create outlines for your existing landscaping, complementing your home’s style while allowing your plants to thrive as edging can block the spread of weeds or grass in your planters.

    Edging can also help keep mulch or fertilizer in the flowerbed so you won’t have to worry about replacing the lost fertilizer so often. Edging can also create a visible barrier so people don’t step in your planter.


    concrete walkway
    Patios Solution

    Walkways, like sidewalks, can make getting to key parts of your home or business easier but when implemented with landscaping features, they can be elegant and beautiful entrances to your home or business. 

    We offer materials like pavers, brick, flagstone, and concrete to create custom walkways, but with masonry, we give you the opportunity to craft custom bonds like running bonds, stacked bond, and basketweave bonds.


    Need A Contractor You Can Count On?

    We offer more design options than most contractors in Virginia and back it up with 18 years of experience, give us a call today for a free quote!

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    masonry repair

    Masonry Repair

    While masonry is a durable material, it has one glaring weakness, the mortar joints. In most cases, most mortar damage is only on the surface and is from age, weathering, and corrosion from dust, wind or rain. While damaged mortar can look bad, it’s often not as bad as it looks. 

    We offer the services of tuckpointing and repointing for damaged mortar joints, bringing them back to life! Tuckpointing is the process of repairing minor damage to the mortar, like small holes and is usually a preventative measure. Repointing, on the other hand, is the replacement of all the mortar on the masonry. Mortar is chipped out and replaced with new mortar, bringing your brick or natural stone back to life!

    Commercial Hardscaping

    Here at Custom Masonry Virginia, we don’t leave out our commercial neighbors from our hardscaping services. By utilizing masonry in your landscape, you can unlike a new dimension to your property that you didn’t know was possible.

    Besides appearance, masonry is a tough material so you won’t have to worry about heavy traffic wearing down your masonry surfaces. Masonry is also simplistic to maintain, and even harder to get dirty! You can find a few of our commercial hardscaping services down below:

    • Stairs And Stoops
    • Stone/Paver Patios
    • Stepping Stones
    • Retaining Walls
    • Decorative Walls
    • Stone/Brick Walkways
    Hardscape Design

    Need Assistance With Hardscaping?

    Our team is standing by ready to get to work, all you have to do is give us a call today for a free quote!

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    Hardscaping Solution

    We offer the service of custom patio installation with concrete, brick, flagstone, and pavers. We have found that masonry patios are better suited for hardscaping thanks to their natural appearance and wide range of bond patterns that can be achieved.

    Another reason why homeowners use masonry on their patios is that these natural materials are not affected by weather changes, they are cool to the touch in the summer and when it rains, you won’t have to worry about slipping!


    masonry work
    Concrete Flooring

    For larger backyards, pathways can serve as a way to set apart the defined walkways of your home and lead into your landscaping. These pathways can be made out of stone, brick or pavers and can contrast well with concrete walkways.

    These pathways are commonly highlighted with scenes in the landscaping like alcoves with retaining walls, benches or water features. Pathways can be any shape or follow any design you wish as they are not meant to be defined.


    concrete masonry
    Retaining Walls

    We offer the ability to create brick or flagstone columns for hardscaping. Most commonly, columns are used to cap off decorative walls to add a sense of upscale elegance to the backyard. 

    The effect of brick pillars in the backyard is meant to simulate the effect that trees may have on the landscape. They are used to add a sense of strength or stability while also can be used to create a gate.


    Results You Can Count On

    Benefits Of Using Masonry

    Lasting Structure

    Weather Resistant

    Masonry is resistant to the adverse effects of weather like heavy rain, strong winds, and even hailstorms.



    Masonry has been known to stand the test of time and when properly maintained can last a lifetime.

    Green Building


    Masonry like clay brick is natural, abundant and recyclable, making them one of the top choices for green building.

    Less Maintainnance


    With natural textures and cleft textures, masonry will offer a slip & skid-resistant finish, perfect for decking.

    Low Building Costs

    Natural masonry has a price tag of almost half the cost of manufactured stone as well as a longer lifespan.

    Better Air Quality

    Simple Maintenance

    Masonry is a natural material so maintenance is simplistic and can go years before needing to be resealed.

    Reduce Building Cost


    With materials like brick and pavers, once they are out of service, they can be used to create landscaping or recycled.


    Increased Home Value

    Hardscaping can make your home a more attractive option on the market when it’s time to sell.

    Natural Material
    Hardscape Virginia

    Why Use Hardscaping?

    One of the biggest reasons homeowners and business owners opt to have hardscaping implemented on their property is to add an interesting dimension to their landscape. Plain landscaping can grow old over time but with a hardscaped surface, we can turn your backyard into your personal oasis, an escape from reality. 

    Another reason why you should consider hardscaping is the fact that they are great for homes with poor soil quality. For example, if your soil is too wet, hard materials can help evaporate water more efficiently, reducing the moisture in your soil. Hardscaping can also improve the composition of the soil of the surrounding area, helping your plants grow like never before!

    You Can Count On Us!

    Here at Custom Masonry Virginia, we have 18 years of experience creating and repairing masonry structures, features, and flooring but we have no interest in stopping any time soon! We are proud of what we do so you can expect to see a professional touch in all of our masonry work no matter how big or how small the project might be. 

    To give you extra peace of mind, we offer strong warranties on all of our work. We provide a 5-year warranty on all new brick and flagstone installation with a new concrete foundation and a 1-year warranty on new concrete, repairs and paving over brick or pavers over existing concrete. We cover broken or cracked joints, loose materials, collapsing of new structures and repairs on new concrete work that has cracked, not replaced.


    If you are looking for masonry work, call us right away so we can start crafting your dreams into reality. Call us here or get in touch with us here.

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