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Custom Masonry Virginia is the premier brick and flagstone fireplace installer in the area. We meet all of your indoor and outdoor fireplace needs and we also build beautiful fire pits.

When you need to go beyond the typical bricklayer mason options, look no further than Custom Masonry Virginia. We provide premium masonry services for less. Our brick and flagstone fireplaces are second to none. Adding personal touches to your house is what customizes it and makes it your home. A brand new (or new to you) fireplace may be just the touch you are looking for, and Custom Masonry Virginia is the contractor to help you get there.

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    Make your house a home with a

    Brick or Flagstone fireplace

    Pavers Solution

    Natural stone can give an urban or cozy decor vibe. The most popular types of stone fireplaces are limestone, granite, marble, slate and travertine, with each bringing a different vibe to the decoration mix. The texture and variety of stone makes it the perfect choice for your home. These mostly solid surface stones typically require more routine maintenance than brick or natural stone fireplaces.


    Masonry Construction

    A brick fireplace adds a touch of tradition and comfort to your home. Brick is one of the most recognized materials used for fireplaces, and with the variety of colors and brick styles, they can be customized to match your design aesthetic. There are several ways for brick to be laid when building a fireplace. They can be arranged in a pyramid shape with a wider base that tapers toward the top or they can be set perfectly on top onf one another to form straight clean lines. They can be continued all the way from floor to ceiling for a dramatic focal point, or they can stop at mantle level for a more traditional effect.


    Masonry Construction Virginia
    Patios Solution
    Natural Stone

    Natural stone, such as flagstone, can be used in a variety of methods to create a warm and inviting living room perfect for family gatherings and entertaining. You can create a rustic- chic vibe or design a smooth, simple showcase using natural stones. Natural stones can be set in a variety of patterns and shapes in order to create the fireplace of your dreams.


    Friendly, Licensed professionals to meet all of you brick and flagstone fireplace needs.

    Whether you are looking for an indoor fireplace to transform your living room or an outdoor fireplace to be the focal point of your new outdoor kitchen, we are the only call you need to make.

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    What is flagstone?

    Flagstone is any sedimentary rock that can be cut or split into layers to create a flat stone that can be left in natural irregular shapes or cut into regular rectangular shapes to be used for a variety of masonry projects. Although it is often used for patios or other flooring, it can be used to create beautiful facades for your indoor or outdoor fireplace.

    Types of flagstone

    Commonly found types of flagstone are bluestone, limestone, sandstone, and volcanic stone. They can be found in a variety of colors ranging from white, brown, orange, red, grey, and gold. As a design element, flagstone offers the option of using a uniform natural color choice or mixing a variety of complimentary colors for a unique design.

    masonry work

    Looking for the right mason to do the work?

    Look no further than Custom Masonry Virginia.

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    concrete masonry
    Hardscaping Solution
    Outdoor Brick or Flagstone Fireplace

    Customize your hardscape with an outdoor fireplace made of brick to boost the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. A brick fireplace built on your property is the perfect place to host pizza night. An outdoor fireplace offers a touch of elegance and can often be a safer alternative to traditional fire pits.


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    Concrete Solution
    Outdoor Kitchen

    A fireplace becomes the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen. As outdoor kitchens continue to be a popular choice when upgrading your hardscape, it is important to get the focal point done right. The fireplace sets the tone for the rest of your outdoor kitchen. More and more homeowners are loving the convenience of cooking over a fire under the stars.


    Local Masonry Contractors

    In addition to full outdoor fireplaces, we also build beautiful customized fire pits for you outdoor living needs. Fire pits can host up to ten people depending on how much space you want to use. Our handcrafted stonework or organized brick designs can create the perfect fire pit for outdoor family time. With proper insulation on your patio or porch, you can even enjoy a fire pit year round.


    Why are brick and stone fireplaces best?

    Benefits of Custom Masonry

    Lasting Structure

    Resistant Materials

    Brick and flagstone are naturally resistant to water damage and damage caused by home pests. It is also resistant to weather disasters.



    Brick and stone offer premium protection not only from weather damages, but also from fire, mold, fungus, and rot. In the unfortunate case of a home fire, masonry withstands the heat and damage longer than other building materials.

    Green Building

    Increase value

    Your home value will increase with a customized fireplace whether indoors or out. Many potential homebuyers are looking for a home with the cozy feel of a fireplace.

    Less Maintainnance

    Lower bills

    You can lower your energy bills in the winter with a built in fireplace. Whether using gas logs or a wood burning fireplace, the heat generated is more efficient and will keep your home warm, thus lowering your furnace usage. You will also save money on your homeowners insurance because of the safety of masonry.

    Make your house a home

    Bring coziness and warmth to your home with a customized fireplace. Many homeowners find that this extra touch is just what was needed to make their house feel like a home.

    Better Air Quality

    Limitless design potential

    With hundreds of options of brick colors and natural stones to choose from and a wide variety of shapes and sizes, your fireplace can truly be a work of art for your home.

    Reduce Building Cost

    Minimal upkeep

    With custom masonry, you will not need to worry about future upkeep and maintenance. A brick or flagstone fireplace is virtually maintenance free and will maintain its beauty for decades to come.


    Built to last

    Custom brick or natural stone fireplaces are build for the long haul. Whether indoors or out, these structures become staple pieces of your home and will lasts for many decades (maybe even centuries).

    Natural Material

    Repair Services

    In addition to custom design and building, we also offer repair services for any masonry that you may currently have in your home. Maybe you already have a fireplace that needs a facelift, or you need some minor repair services on your brick mantle. Give us a call for all of your repair and maintenance needs.


    We are the experts in our field and we are here to offer you top quality masonry work, using the best available materials at budget friendly prices. You can trust our design and build services, and we follow through with our strong warranty.


    If you are thinking about adding a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, or you need fireplace repair, call the experts at Custom Masonry Virginia

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    Professional Expertise with a smile

    With Decades of combined experience, our contractors deliver premium work with top quality materials with results that you can trust.

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    In addition to Brick and Flagstone Fireplaces

    We also build custom fire pits

    masonry wall

    A crackling, warm fire pit

    A custom built stone or brick masonry fire pit is a great addition to your backyard or patio. From modern to rustic to formal and everything in between, you will upgrade your bland back yard to a fun place for friends and family to gather with a custom fire pit. It will also add value to your home and make it more desirable for future homebuyers.

    How do we build a fire pit?

    All of our fire pits are custom built, so shape and size fit the particular space that meets your needs. We begin with either an existing patio or one that we are building for you, and we ensure that the footing and structural support are adequate. We then construct your firepit, using the most durable fire resistant materials on the inside and customizing the outside to create the fire pit of your dreams. We also ensure that drainage holes are installed so that all water will drain from the pit when it rains.

    Masonry Restoration