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Connecting your home to the outdoors with specially designed patios and walkways is an art form that we take very seriously.

Our designs tie multiple spaces together and create cohesiveness that makes your space not only beautiful, but also makes it function better for you. Get the walkway and patio of your dreams with our expert service that you can trust. Nothing says home like an inviting walkway or patio that just seems to invite people to stop by for a visit and to enjoy the patio where memories are made. While walkways may increase curb appeal, patios are an area that you really get to enjoy for yourself. Whether you want a nice change in your home or you are preparing your home to sell, adding great patios and walkways can be the way to go.

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Walkway and Patio Designs

concrete and brick walkway
Hardscaping Solution
Clay Brick

Wood is a beautiful addition to any home. Adding a wooden patio or even a long wooden walkway can transform the outside of your home and give it a completely different feel. Although wood is less durable than some other surfaces, the sense of style that comes from a wooden walkway cannot be matched.

paver stone patio Virginia
Pavers Solution
Natural Stone

Stone walkways offer a timeless style that can compliment any design aesthetic. The color options and pattern choices make this customizable walkway a winner for your home.

concrete patio
concrete color

Nothing says long lasting durability like concrete, but don’t think of the boring grey concrete of old. Concrete can be colored, textured, and even patterned to show your own personal design style.

Premium workmanship at affordable prices.

We offer a wide variety of patio and walkway materials and patterns to compliment your home and your design style.

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concrete walkway Virginia

Decorative walkways

When you decide to add a decorative walkway to the outside of your home, form often follows function. But, your new walkway doesn’t have to be just a convenient way to connect various areas of your property. Your walkway can have a lot to say about the overall image of your home when done with precision and style. Walkways are integral to your home and can completely change the outdoor appeal of your living space.

Decorative Patios

When you think of your typical patio activities, you probably think of friends and family, and that is because your home patio is the perfect place to entertain and experience life with the people you love and appreciate. From barbeques to birthday parties to holiday gatherings, your patio is not just a space outside of your home. It is a part of your home. Bring the indoors out, but enhancing your living space outside of your home. Your patio needs to serve a practical function, but it does not have to do so at the expense of beauty.

backyard concrete patio

Looking for Walkway and Patio Renovations?

Custom Masonry Virginia has you covered. It is an art form, and we know everything about it. See a few more design options below.

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stamped concrete patio
Hardscaping Solution

Pavers are perfect for pedestrian areas and they can be used to create walkways, patios, or driveways. These can add value to your home by integrating the indoors with the outdoors.


paver stone patio
Concrete Solution

Bluestone is an option for your walkway or patio that is often not blue as the name suggests. They are extremely durable and can offer stunning visual effects when installed by a professional. Bluestone blends well into many landscapes and beautifully compliments brick, stucco, wood siding, or any style home that you already have.

stamped concrete walkway

Pavers are a practical choice for homeowners who want to save a little money but still want the “wow” effect. Pavers offer a wide variety of color, style, and shape options while also being able to easily create curves and other design patterns that are not as simple with other materials.

Brick and Paver Patterns for your

Patio or Walkway

Lasting Structure

Long Soldier Course

Long Soldier courses are simply laid in a straight line and are perfect for long narrow walkways. They can be easily curved to fit the design of the area and create the optical illusion of being more expansive than it is.


Basket Weave

A basket weave pattern allow the bricks, pavers or stones to be laid in an alternating pattern of brick pairs laid in horizontal and vertical directions to create a design that looks more like tiles.

Green Building


A herringbone pattern offers a more contemporary zig zag pattern to cover larger areas. Because of its less organized pattern, it is perfect for irregularly shaped spaces.

Natural Material

In-Line Pavers

In-Line Pavers are a great option for someone who wants to get the classic paver style with no fuss or extra patterns. Simple and straightforward

Running bond

The running bond pattern is your standard and most widely recognized pattern for bricks. It offers a neat and orderly design that is perfect for small spaces.

Better Air Quality


Borders are a fantastic way to add an extra touch of flare to your walkway or patio design and can really set your space apart from other areas of your landscape.

Reduce Building Cost

Combination techniques

Any of the above techniques and styles can be combined to create a one of a kind look for your patio or walkway. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Repair Services

In addition to new installation services, we also repair and maintain patios and walkways. Maybe you are not in the market for a brand new patio or walkway, but the one you already have needs some love. We can help you improve the one you have with our repair services

Less Maintainnance
concrete walkway repair

Repair Services

In addition to new installation services, we also repair and maintain patios and walkways. Maybe you are not in the market for a brand new patio or walkway, but the one you already have needs some love. We can help you improve the one you have with our repair services.

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Custom Masonry Virginia has been the premier choice for high quality cost effective walkways and patios for nearly two decades. Call us today for a friendly, free estimate and see how we can help you enhance your home with a new or renovated walkway or patio.

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If you are looking for a new and creative walkway or patio design, call our experts today.

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With combined decades of experience, our team is ready to deliver the patio or walkway of your dreams.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

paver stone patio Virginia

Do I need to seal pavers?

Although you do not have to seal the pavers on your new patio or walkway, it is recommended because sealed pavers do offer some advantages. Sealing enhances the color of the pavers and helps to resist future staining. However, sealers do have to be reapplied every three to five years to remain effective.

Can pavers be added on top of my concrete patio?

Pavers can be added onto existing concrete with a special adhesive. Although this does not allow the paver to adjust and shift during the freeze- thaw cycle as with pavers laid on other surfaces and set with sand, it is still a viable option for upgrading your existing concrete patio or walkway.

patio pavers